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    Cores of magnetic circuits

    make a very important part for transformers production... Cores of magnetic circuits
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    Toroidal Cores

    Toroidal core is basically wounded grain oriented silicon strip containing approximately 3% of silicium to the circle or other form.. Toroidal Cores
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    Cut C Cores

    Wound transformer cores are manufactured in process of winding up the transformer strip on a mandrel followed by the processes.. Cut C Cores
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    Unicore cores

    UNICORE constitute a new line of cores of magnetic circuits. Unicore cores


Our company offer wide range of lamination.

Delivery options:

- assembled
- stacked together by fixing tape
- glued
- fixed together by special tape with fiber glass
- non assembled
- goods in bulk
Material used:
All type of Si steel


Our production range:
  min. max.
Thickness: 0,18 mm 0,35 mm
Width: 15 mm 400 mm
Length: 80 mm 2000 mm


Differences on strip width: +/- 0,2 mm
Length accurancy: +/- 1,0 mm
Linearity on length=1500mm +/- 0,8 mm
Edge burr: +/- 0,02 mm

After mutual agreement, we can also offer lamination with wide range of holes.