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    Cores of magnetic circuits

    make a very important part for transformers production... Cores of magnetic circuits
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    Toroidal Cores

    Toroidal core is basically wounded grain oriented silicon strip containing approximately 3% of silicium to the circle or other form.. Toroidal Cores
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    Cut C Cores

    Wound transformer cores are manufactured in process of winding up the transformer strip on a mandrel followed by the processes.. Cut C Cores
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    Unicore cores

    UNICORE constitute a new line of cores of magnetic circuits. Unicore cores



In terms of extension of our services, we expand our offer with tightening bands this year. All of our tightening bands are made-to-measure to a concrete center core manufactured by our company. In terms of tests, which we successfuly carried out, we are able to guarantee the required quality and propriety of application. Our technical department is ready to provide the necessary service and support, which enables you to choose the best possible solution and tightening band type.